Tin Lisa – Open Source recumbent bicycle

See a test ride here


Tin Lisa is a recumbent bicycle designed to be as simple as possible to build and use. It is designed out of common steel tubes and sheets of metal with simple cuts and few bends. All parts welded together form a sturdy frame to which standard bicycle components can be fitted – making Tin Lisa easy to manufacture and maintain. This recumbent has a short wheel-base (front wheel behind the pedals) and dual-mode steering system – making it possible to use the bicycle with a handle bar in front of the rider and/or under the seat.

Welding and manufacturing fixtures

As a part of the project we will provide with drawings and instructions for making manufacturing equipment – thus making it easier for anyone to make many Tin Lisa recumbents to friends, family and even sell them in a business form!

Open Source

The drawings for Tin Lisa and the manufacturing fixtures and tools will be published under a GPL license for anyone to download, share and improve the design.

Get involved

Everyone is welcome to get in touch with us and submit ideas, drawings and suggestions.

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  2. I’ve been looking for this synergy: hackerspaces and recumbent biking. I’m a fan of both. I’d like to see some plans of your current prototype. I’d like to see how you solved the under-seat-steering version as well.

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