– Project ideas, inspiration and suggestions

This document describes different project ideas that you are welcome to take part in and develop. Please submit any ideas you have and we will put them here into the list.

  1. Photographic turntable - This turntable should be sturdy enough to hold a persons weight and be controlled an Arduino system. The purpose of this turntable is to make it easier for photographers to take photos of products with a given amount of counts or angle per 360 turn. The system should also make it possible to control a standard camera and take a snapshot for each step while turning – via IR, cable or even by physically pressing the cameras button via a simple hobby servo.
  2. Universal desk – The aim of this project is to design an open source desk and chair for general purpose. One of the unique features is that it should have adjustable height (i.e. scissor legs) to fit any persons stature. The design should be as simple as possible.

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