Use MeshLab and netfabb to repair 3D-models

Maybe you have just scanned an object and want to print it on a 3D printer. The model has to be water-tight and most 3D programs don’t have “the right tools” to heal 3D meshes easily. In this tutorial from Shapeways you can learn how to use the open source 3D software Meshlab and the German 3D program netfabb to fix a mesh before 3D printing it. Both software packages work perfectly under Linux OS.

FFmpeg creates the fastest VP8 decoder for the vp8 codec

As it seems now it looks as the world soon will have a free solution for video on the web and the umbillical cord to Flash can be cut fo good. Google has namely opened and released the VP8 codec which makes this possible. Garrett-Glaser, a x264 and ffmpeg developer has taken a deep look into the VP8 decoder and found some room for speed improvement. :) Read more at

A test ride on Tin Lisa – The Open Source recumbent bicycle

Here you can see our member Jan on his first test ride of recumbent bicycle Tin Lisa. It is the first rough prototype of a recumbent design with simplicity in mind and which will be released soon as an Open Source hardware.

It took by the way just a two minutes for Jan (who has never ridden a recumbent) to get the balance and ride without assistance!