Wall-mounted hook for water pipe

Having a 3D printer is very interesting. It’s not like having big-screen TV or advanced microwave oven – it’s an inspiring machine that makes you want to make stuff! :)

This time we decided to design a simple hook for hanging stuff from 12 mm (1/2 inch) water pipes in bathrooms. You can download the file from Thingiverse.com.

The first component of Open Source Photo Studio

One of the projects that we have at Geekubator is the Open Source Photo Studio (OSPS). It aims to design and develop a hardware for image documentation of objects through hardware, photography and smart software. We have spent ages brainstorming, tinkering and defining concepts.

Now we are very proud to have started the hardware design in Kompas-3D CAD where we create all the hardware components. The whole design and matching software will be released under an open source license for everyone to download.

The screenshot above shows a very simple but crucial component of the OSPS. It is the spin table and measures 500 mm in diameter and 22 mm in thickness. The five holes are for holding small magnets for object positioning purposes.

Stay tuned here at geekubator.org for more information about the Open Source Photo Studio.

Meet the Ultimaker – New 3D printer

It seems like the world of making is undergoing a quite revolution. Every now and then there is a new 3D printer or manufacturing machine being launched! Here is the Ultimaker – The project aims to “designing/developing an easy to build low cost 3D printer with a small form factor but large build envelope”. Read more at ultimaker.com.