Meet the Ultimaker – New 3D printer

It seems like the world of making is undergoing a quite revolution. Every now and then there is a new 3D printer or manufacturing machine being launched! Here is the Ultimaker – The project aims to “designing/developing an easy to build low cost 3D printer with a small form factor but large build envelope”. Read more at

Use MeshLab and netfabb to repair 3D-models

Maybe you have just scanned an object and want to print it on a 3D printer. The model has to be water-tight and most 3D programs don’t have “the right tools” to heal 3D meshes easily. In this tutorial from Shapeways you can learn how to use the open source 3D software Meshlab and the German 3D program netfabb to fix a mesh before 3D printing it. Both software packages work perfectly under Linux OS.